Home Buyers

Have a Plan

Creating and following a plan wtih the help of an experienced Real Estate team is the only way to get into a home, these days. Let My Home Team guide you through this competative market and help you to Buy Your Dream Home. Sound good? Contacts us today for a free strategy session.

Have Your Financing in Order

Having a lender who knows the ins and outs of this market is really important. There are a lot of rookies out there making rookie mistakes. Let us introduce you to several lenders who know their stuff and will help you to the closing table. Would that help?

Scour the Market

When you let somebody’s computer do all of the work, you miss out on some of the tricks that only an experienced hand knows. Let us do a detailed search to augment all of those auto-replies. We look in two different multi list systems, marketing events, networking groups and sales meetings and find thouse gems that other agents might miss.