Channel 4 recently reported that Colorado has really low property taxes according to a  Wallet hub study released recently;  ⅓ of the taxes paid in Nebraska, for instance.

Don’t get me wrong, I have loved Nebraska since the day that I was driving across the burnt dry plains of Colorado with all of my worldly possessions and two cats in a Chevy suburban.   I was young, my father had just died, my business had failed and I was heading back to Detroit with my heart in my shoes and my tail between my legs.

When I crossed into Nebraska several things happened at once.  The concrete changed from a drab beige to a nice red.  There were rows of new corn which were vivid green and planted in diagonal rows which sped past my eyeballs.  The corn was being watered so I felt moisture loosening the dry skin on my forehead and there were the hints of rainbows everywhere reflected through the prisms of the water in the air.

THEN, I saw a sign…….Nebraska, the good life.  I have loved Nebraska ever since.  It is just greener and more lush than Colorado and I love driving through our country’s breadbasket.

But my first love is Colorado.  I think that there are natives who were born in Colorado (like my husband) and spiritual natives who are drawn here with a tractor-beam.  I am the later.  Colorado is home to some of the most beautiful places in the world.  Folk are nice here.  The weather is perfect and apparently, we have the 6th lowest property taxes in the Country.  WoooHoooo!!.