“Aerotropolis” sounds like a super-hero city, doesn’t it? Appropriate, given the size of the project being proposed close to DIA.  the 80 million square foot site just passed a funding milestone, according to the Denver Post.  It will also provide a much needed boost to our housing inventory.  

A big step forward

The Aerotropolis Area Coordinating Metropolitan District has just finalized a deal with Adams county to form a Transportation authority.  This Metro district will levy the taxes needed to pay for roads and infrastructure.  This promises to be another center like the Denver Tech Center.  It should fuel growth with houses, jobs and a ton of retail, office, commercial and industrial space.  

We could certainly use the housing

The estimated 23,000 new homes will certainly be welcome inventory. The Post again reports that our Real Estate market continues to be one of the tightest in the county.  2,900-acre Aurora Highlands community has already broken ground  The first shoots of a new huge community. It will be interesting to watch it grow.  To learn more about new construction,  click here.